2021 was a great year for lesbian fiction. There were so many books I loved. Here are my favorites:

The Headmistress by Milena McKay- My book of the year, author of the year and crush of the year, Magdalene Nox!

Unbreakable by Cari Hunter- An intense thriller that grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let up until the very end. It’s fantastic and the audiobook is a must listen!

When I’m With You by Monica McCallan- Kennedy has never liked Brooke but things change when they are stuck in a cabin for a few days. Kennedy starts to see Brooke for the person she is behind the happy persona she puts out into the world.

Dead Lez Walking by G Benson- Lesbians fighting zombies! The perfect book for 2021 written by one of my favorite authors. If they could only battle Covid anti-vaxxers this pandemic would be over!

The Fifth Surgeon by Faith Prize- Nadia is a brilliant doctor but her social skills are not great and she’s a tad bitchy. Ashley is Nadia’s dept head and probably hears Julie Andrews singing in her head, she’s so cheerful. This is a wonderful opposites attract debut from Faith Prize.

The AM Show by TB Markinson and Miranda MacLeod- Amanda Morgan is morning show royalty, Dakota Washington is a reporter for the Cock-A-Doodle Rooster Report. Dakota sleeps with her idol, who thinks she’s just sexing up a chicken farmer at a wedding. It’s fun, sweet and has a lot of substance.

The Tell Tale by Clare Ashton- A riveting mystery set in 1970’s Wales. Really all you should have to hear is Clare Ashton wrote a new book because legit, everything she writes is brilliant!

Never Mine by Bryce Oakley- Willa is the All-American girl and Sage is the bad girl of soccer. I gladly would volunteer to be in a Willa/Sage sandwich. I adore everything about this book.

Ignis by KJ- Felicity’s story is a doozie and Tal is just too sexy! KJ decides to write a darkly, intense story and it’s fantastic!

And Then I Met You by Erica Lee- Willow and Rosemary, a beautiful love story that will reduce you to hyperventilating sobs. I want to be like Willow and live each day to the fullest. This book gave me all the feels.

The Delicate Things We Make by Milena McKay- The book that brought us Vivian DeVor- reclusive, talented, heroic and hot. A brilliant debut that I couldn’t possibly love more!

Chef’s Kiss by Stephanie Shea- Jenn is a brilliant and intense chef. Val is thrilled to have get a job working at Jenn’s restaurant. If only she could focus on her job and not be distracted by her sexy, aloof boss.

While those are my top books, it is by no means a complete list. There are a few more books I really enjoyed reading this year. Here they are:

Worthy of Love Quinn Ivins

Go Around by EJ Noyes

The Awkward Truth by Lee Winter

Always Allie and Mrs. Middleton by Melissa Tereze

The Cub Revisited by A.L. Brooks

In the Long Run by Haley Cass

Chemistry Lessons by Jae

Beginner’s Bet by Fiona Riley

Come Away With Me by Rachel Lacey

Could I keep going? Of course, I could! When you read so many books, there are quite a few that touch your heart, that make you laugh out loud, that change your way of thinking and that provide a wonderful escape from life for a while.

I read a lot of books I loved that were a little older. But only included books on this list that were released this year.

Thank you to the authors who have brightened our days. During a time when there is so much uncertainty, your words are a gift.