Caribbean Dreams by Karen Klyne

Caribbean Dreams
Published: 12/15/21

Caribbean Dreams by Karen Klyne is a lovely story of two women who find the last thing they’re looking for while on a Caribbean cruise.

Steph Graves is not winning Employee of the Month after she gets caught having sex with a client at her family’s funeral home where she works. She decides to take a cruise to try to figure out her life and to escape her once again disappointed family.

It’s been six months since Cori Lewis’s partner died. Going on a cruise isn’t really what she wants to do but she will be able to see her brother and grandparents in Jamaica and she has to do something to get her life back on track.

When Steph and Cori meet in the singles group on the ship they strike up a friendship, which turns to attraction the more time they spend together. Will they have the courage to make their Caribbean dreams come true or will their relationship sink before it begins?

Karen Klyne has given us a really well written book. Cori and Steph are such wonderful characters. I really felt for Cori.  She has been through so much and her confidence has been shattered. She has to regain her sense of self and have fun again and Steph is a big help in that regard. Despite Steph’s recent disappointing behavior, Steph doesn’t take herself too seriously. Cori is drawn to Steph’s kindness, charm and sense of humor, while Steph sees the sadness in Cori’s eyes and wants to bring her smile back.

What I enjoyed almost as much as the romance were the vivid descriptions of the excursions the characters engaged in.  The Caribbean is the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited and being taken back there again was a delightful experience, especially given how limited travel has been for the last year and a half. If you want a Caribbean vacation from the comfort of your home with romance sprinkled in, then this is a book you will enjoy.


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