Read Between the Lines by Rachel Lacey

Read Between the Lines
Published: 12/1/2021

Read Between the Lines is the first book in Rachel Lacey’s Ms. Right series. It’s a charming book with sweet characters who will warm your heart. Rachel keeps churning out the lady lovin hits!

Rosie Taft owns her own bookstore, Between the Pages and runs it with her best friend Lia. Her mother opened the store thirty years ago and Rosie absolutely loves it and can’t imagine her life without it. Books are in her soul, romance books, specifically. She develops a crush on her favorite writer, Brie, after they start chatting on Twitter. She hasn’t dated in a while but it’s because she doesn’t want to waste her time with someone who will be wrong for her not because of her crush on Brie, or so she keeps telling herself. Her life is turned upside down when she receives a letter from the company who owns her building telling her the lease will be terminated at the end of the year.

Jane Breslin is a property manager for her family company, Breslin Property Development. On a day out with her nine-year-old niece, Alyssa, they come upon Between the Pages. Jane is shocked to see her latest book, On the Flip Side on display. Jane writes as Brie but only her sister Amy is aware of her other life.  Jane can’t stop thinking about Rosie after being in her bookstore knowing she’s the one who mailed her the letter telling her lease wouldn’t be renewed and Rosie can’t stop thinking of the hot woman in the power suit because power suits are so darn sexy.

Rosie sends an email to Jane inviting her to an event at the bookstore hoping she can convince her to extend the lease. Jane shows up introducing herself properly, which bursts Rosie’s bubble because she had crushed on her when she showed up with Alyssa. Jane can’t do anything to stop it as the building is set for demolition so that condos can be built.

The two continue chatting to each other online unaware of the others true identity and decide to meet. Both are feeling the pull of attraction until Jane see Rosie and puts it together that Rosie is Aurelia. Rosie stays unaware and thinks Brie has stood her up and Jane being at the bar is a coincidence.  A few days later after a heart to heart with Amy when Jane reveals how much she likes Rosie (Aurelia) she ventures to the bookstore and reveals her pen name. After Rosie’s shock wears off, they have an honest discussion and share a steamy kiss. Rosie can see the good in Jane despite the inner turmoil she still feels regarding Jane’s job. Obstacles will need to be overcome and understanding achieved before the girls find their happy ending.

I adore Rachel Lacey’s Midnight in Manhattan series and this one is just as good. Her characters are well developed and relatable.  Rosie is the perfect girl next door who just wants her storybook romance.  She is someone who brings a smile to everyone’s face with her kind heart and charm.  Her bookstore is a connection to her mom that she can’t bear to lose. It would be like losing her mother all over again.

Jane is Rosie’s opposite. She is an introvert who avoids conflict. It’s why she is working at her family company instead of writing full time. She doesn’t have close friends and prefers to spend her free time with her sister, brother-in-law and niece. Jane is awkward in social situations and thinks she is much better writing romance than living her own. But her heart has other ideas when Rosie comes along. Jane has hidden her writing from her family and hasn’t allowed herself to be proud of being a published author. Rosie not only opens Jane’s heart to love but also to allow herself to be proud of her accomplishments. She allows Jane to truly be herself and loves her for the wonderful person she is.

You can’t have a book like this without supportive friends for the protagonists to confide in. Rosie’s best friend Lia and Jane’s sister Amy provide laughs and encouragement to help the two accept that they have found their lobster. Lia manages the bookstore for Rosie and helps her make it a success while being the best friend every woman needs. Amy encourages Jane to strive to be a full-time writer and leave the family business because she knows it will make her happy. They are both wonderful supporting characters.

Rachel Lacey has written a charming lesbian “You’ve Got Mail” that will you all the feels. It’s what I have come to expect from her books and I look forward to the next book in the series!

ARC received from the author via Net Galley in exchange for honest review.

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