The Last to Leave by Erica Lee

The Last to Leave
Not even a broken nose can stop true love.

Nicole and Courtney have a combative history as athletes at rival high schools. Eight years after graduating they are invited to Cabo with Roberta, Nicole’s best friend and Fulton, Courtney’s best friend. Fulton plans to propose to Roberta and wants both of them to be there. Neither of them are thrilled, especially Nicole, who is still harboring anger over a broken nose Courtney gave her in a basketball game. That anger and hostility is quickly replaced with attraction. They give in  thinking that it’s a one time thing and when they return home they can go back to life pre Cabo. However, when Roberta needs help planning the wedding Nicole and Courtney find themselves spending more time together. It isn’t long before they both hope the other is the last to leave.

Erica Lee books always give me the feels. This one does that but also had me laughing out loud.  Favorite line-  “If you’re up for it, once your gluteus maximus heals, I’d like for you to use your strapeus averagous on me.” Nicole and Courtney chemistry is off the charts. Combine that with their witty banter, competitive nature, even in the bedroom, and this is a great book to relax by the pool with. Roberta, Fulton, and the girls families are well developed and are a great support system for Nicole and Courtney. The more Erica Lee books I read the more I appreciate her talent. Her characters are relatable and deal with  Her books leave a smile on your face and a lightness in your heart.


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