A Closer Look by Michele L. Rivera

A Closer Look
Published: 12/3/21

Tessa Pearson is a wedding photographer who has no interest in being in a relationship. After a long day taking photos of happy couples, she just wants to sit on her couch watching old movies and crotchet a blanket. Thankfully, her best friend, Megan, intervenes before Tessa can get ten cats and all of the seasons of Matlock on DVD.

Harley Cooper is hired by Megan to be Tessa’s dating coach. Tessa doesn’t need a dating coach and certainly not one who is as cocky and intrusive as Harley. Harley has been hurt and will never let that happen again, not to mention that she has a strict policy of getting involved with someone she’s working with. But the more the time the two spend together, the harder it is to deny their attraction.

This was an enjoyable book. Michele Rivera always writes relatable characters who are easy to root for. Harley may be a little arrogant outwardly but it’s just her way of keeping herself protected. When you get beneath the surface, she has a big heart and really wants to help people find their person, even if she has decided love isn’t for her. Tessa is just as closed up emotionally. She takes pictures of the most important day in a couple’s life, but is convinced she doesn’t want that for herself.

Michele Rivera’s books are shorter than I would like for them to be. Really that’s the only complaint I have about her books. She writes with humor and a lot of heart and those are the things I want most while I’m reading. I want to escape life for a while with a good book while enjoying a few laughs with characters I want to be friends with. You will want to be friends with Tessa and Harley as I do when you read this book. I’m looking forward to what Michele Rivera comes up with next.




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