Whispering Oaks by Stephanie Shea

Whispering Oaks
Published: 10/29/21

I was blown away by Chef’s Kiss and now after reading Whispering Oaks, Stephanie Shea has become one of my favorite authors. She pieces together a mystery so effortlessly and brings us a memorable romance along the way.

Nothing every happened in Whispering Oaks, until the night Cassidy Linden’s sister, 17 year old Emily disappears. Cassidy is home for the summer from college and working at the local bar. She makes it home at 4am and finds the kitchen door open. A trail of rose petals lead her to the backyard where she finds her sisters phone. With no leads and no evidence the police seem to think Emily just ran off with her boyfriend. But Cassidy knows her sister wouldn’t just leave without a word and stay gone for so long.

While working at the bar Cassidy encounters Ashlyn Castille whose blue eyes she could drown in. A one night stand wasn’t on her agenda but she just wants to forget the pain her sister’s disappearance has her living in. Cassidy and Ashlyn discover a connection that takes them both by surprise and makes them destined for more than just one night together. The twists and turns along the way will keep them both on their toes. Will Cassidy ever see her sister again and what secrets is Cassidy’s idyllic neighborhood hiding.

I don’t want to give away too much as it needs to be experienced firsthand. This is a truly enthralling mystery. Cassidy is a wonderful character. Her struggles in dealing not just with her sister’s disappearance, but trying to be there for her mother and father and feeling like she has failed everyone. The guilt she feels over her best friend, Grey, who she knows is in love with her, but she doesn’t return his feelings and her confusion over the feelings she does have for the gorgeous, enigmatic Ashlyn.

Stephanie Shea is phenomenal. She has such a way with words. It’s not poetry, but it’s poetic. I highly recommend this book.

ARC received from the author for an honest review.

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