Just Physical by Jae

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Published: 11/30/15
Tingly feelings all around

Jae has a lot of great books out. Several that are a lot newer than this one. But for me it’s a sentimental choice. This is the only book I’ve read with a lead character who suffers from MS.  I was diagnosed 19 years ago with MS right after I turned 30. The symptoms and emotions that Jill experiences are very similar to what I experienced. The fear of the unknown future that you face and not wanting to burden those you love. Jae captured those feelings perfectly.

Jill is an actress who is co-starring in a movie based on her friend Lauren’s screenplay. Lauren and Grace loved it up in the previous book in the series, Damage Control. Crash is a stunt woman working on the film. She is immediately attracted to the fiery redhead.  She commences with the wooing but Jill is having none of it as she has sworn off relationships, unwilling to burden anyone with her uncertain future. Jill, however, can’t seem to resist Crash’s charms.

This brings about the old no strings attached nudie fun. This doesn’t work because those pesky feelings get in the way for both of them. Crash would be easy to fall for, she’s super sweet and patient and does her best to understand the illness Jill has to deal with. I would date Crash in a second. I could sing Crash Into Me during a romantic moment because that would be too awesome not to do!

I love all of the books in Jae’s Hollywood Series but this one is close to my heart. Representation matters and to have a character with MS who I can relate to will always have this book in my favorites list. Jae delivers as usual.


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