Mrs Middleton by Melissa Tereze

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Published: 3/20/21

If you’re looking for a tame, nice story about a older woman who watches Hallmark movies with her daughters best friend, this is not the book for you. Emma is returning to the UK after 18 months in Africa. Before she left she made a drunken phone call to her best friends mom, Vanessa confessing her love. Emma had met Lauren at university ten years ago and was immediately attracted to her mom. She spent most holidays and family dinners with the Middletons as she wasn’t close with her own family.

Upon Emma’s return she is invited to stay at Vanessa’s until she finds a place to rent. Vanessa and her husband, Richard, are divorcing and Lauren is leaving for Australia with her boyfriend. Emma tries to refuse knowing how difficult it will be to be around Vanessa after her declaration to no avail. Their mutual attraction is difficult to ignore especially after Emma discovers Vanessa partaking in a little self servicing. When they begin dating everything is perfect until Lauren discovers that her mom and best friend are involved.

The chemistry, both sexual and emotional, between Vanessa and Emma was intense. They are both well developed characters I want to be friends with Emma and I kind of want to make out with Vanessa. I try to put myself in Lauren’s shoes and I’m sure I would be disturbed if my mom and best friend were dating, but she still gets on my nerves. The dialogue is well written and I gravitated to Emma’s character. Given her background with her family her fear and her fear of abandonment, I wish that Vanessa would have handled things differently when their relationship came to light. Melissa Tereze is a great writer and this is one of her best.

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