Go Around by E.J. Noyes

Go Around
Published: 11/16/21

A new E.J. Noyes book is always a treat. She writes characters I absolutely fall in love with; Rebecca Keane, Morgan Ashworth, Audrey Graham and now Avery Weston. This book is quintessential E.J., utilizing first person storytelling and scorching hot scenes to weave together a beautiful story.

Avery Weston spends her days flying the skies as an Air Marshall and her nights snuggling her dog Bennett, while watching her ex-girlfriend on tv’s hottest show. Fifteen months after having her heart ripped out she still loves her. When she finds herself on a flight with her ex, Emmy winning actress, Elise Hayes, she can’t believe it. Elise wants to talk to her after they land but what is there to say. She left Avery after her manager told her she would never get her big break acting if her sexuality came to light.

Their past takes a backseat when a fan grabs Elise with plans to take her off of the plan with him. Avery will not let the asshat hurt Elise and subdues him. They aren’t able to talk after the plane lands and that leaves Avery feeling unsettled. She wanted to make sure Elise was ok after such a harrowing experience. She is surprised when she arrives at home to find Elise waiting for her. She is too afraid to go home and asks Avery if she can stay with her for a while. Avery can’t very well send her away when they’ve both been through such a traumatic event and  it turns out she’s not the only one with lingering feelings.

A few days turns into a few weeks. Is this the second chance Avery never thought she would have?  Will Elise have the courage to come out or will she choose her career yet again over love? Will Elise’s crazed fan try again to make her his?  Will Bennett the dog ever catch the damn opossum that haunts him?

How awesome is to to legit love every single book an author has written?  There aren’t too many authors I can say that about, however, E.J. is definitely one of them. Avery is an absolute dream and having the story told from her perspective worked perfectly. E.J. beautifully conveyed Avery’s broken state even after having fifteen months to deal with the breakup. I felt her sorrow as she watched the love of her life starring on a hit tv show. Elise appears to have it all while Avery can’t really move on because her heart can’t let go.

Even though the story is told from Avery’s perspective, I still feel like we get to know Elise well and can feel the pain she carries from the decision she made to end the relationship. Her professional dreams may have come true but losing Avery haunts her every day. Even though she realized early one her mistake, fear of rejection kept her from reaching out to Avery. Sometimes the scariest events we experience, lead us to the best possible outcome.

The only one in this story who isn’t in pain is Bennett, the dog, who is just thrilled to have his second mom back home so he can sleep on the couch again. Bennett is the best dog and I want him to get all of the treats and to have his moms reunite so his doggie dreams come true.

Go Around checks a lot of my favorite things off. It has the previously mentioned second chance at love,  a Hollywood actress, a bit of suspense, a lot of sex, cute dog, adorable co-worker (Nicola, who is so cute, all gushing about Elise to Avery, completely clueless)  and most importantly, it’s written by E.J. Noyes. She just keeps solidifying her place as one of the best writers in the genre. She has such a beautiful way with words. I highly recommend you read this book.

ARC received from Bella Books for an honest review.


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