And The Truth Is by Jamey Moody

And The Truth Is
Published: 10/25/21

And The Truth is by Jamey Moody is the third book in the Lovers Landing Series. It’s nearly impossible to be sad reading a Jamey Moody book. Her books allow you to truly escape for a while and just embrace love.

We have gotten to know Tara Holloway and Lauren Nichol’s in the first two books in the series. There has always been this pull between the two and I’m not surprised that we now getting their story. Tara is a successful actress disenchanted with the fakeness of Hollywood, who shows up to check out a house her friend Lauren thinks will be perfect for her. She wants to find a vacation home or maybe something more permanent so she is closer to her friends Krista, Melanie, Julia, her family but most of all Lauren. She’s also ready to settle down and have a loving relationship.

Lauren has been divorced from her high school sweetheart for several years. She has raised her two children and is now ready to explore her sexuality. She may be new to the lesbian party but that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to jump into the pool. The two women confess their feelings for each other after Lauren finds her the perfect house. Lauren helps Tara decorate and the house truly becomes theirs.

The path to happily ever after isn’t usually too stressful in a Jamey Moody book. There is a bit of strife with Lauren’s grown children but is easily overcome when they see the happiness radiating from their mother. It’s lovely to see women over 50 as romantic leads. The characters are charming and I’m happy to finally see Lauren find happiness. The questions she posed to Krista in the two previous books were so clearly pointing to her being open to loving a woman and ready to take that leap. This was a very satisfying conclusion to the Lovers Landing Series. I look forward to Jamey Moody’s next book. I’m sure it will be a heartwarming book filled with friendship, love and laughter.

ARC provided by the author for an honest review.

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