What Memories are Made of by Diana Jayne

What Memories are Made Of
Published: 12/2/21
The most unimaginable pain can lead to unexpected happiness

Chelsea Evans and Madeleine Jones meet in the most unlikely of places. While visiting the children they have both lost they share a drink and both feel an immediate connection. A friendship forms from their shared grief and evenings spent talking about their children. There’s something about having someone around who knows the sorrow that the other feels. It’s different than being around family and friends. They offer support but can’t really know the pain that is always there just beneath the surface.

As they spend more time together feelings move from friendship to more. Chelsea introduces Madeleine to the disabled kids she takes for rides on her motorbike and Madeleine helps Chelsea open up about her daughters loss. The two may have bonded over loss but their relationship becomes about so much more than just shared grief.

This book brought a tear to my eye but also a smile to my face. These women have heartfelt, emotional conversations but they also laugh and make each other feel alive again. It’s impossible not to become invested in their relationship. The supporting characters bring so much to the story. The kids and fellow riders, Chelsea’s family and Madeleine’s friends are so integral to the story and I am so impressed with how well developed all of the characters are. Their interactions with Madeleine and Chelsea give us insight into not only the pain both women have endured but also what truly wonderful women they are.

Diana Jayne has given us a wonderfully well written book that is just as much about hope as it is about loss. The hope that life can go on and love can help heal. The hope that the signs seen really are from loved ones giving their blessing. The hope that helping others not only will honor our lost love ones but also help fill the hole brought about by that loss.  I can’t recommend this book enough. It’s absolutely a must read.

ARC received from the author for an honest review.


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