Always Allie by Melissa Tereze

Always Allie
Published: 11/3/21

Always Allie by Melissa Tereze is simply a beautiful story. It is one that shouldn’t be missed. If you like a second chance romance that will warm your heart this is a perfect story for you.

Cassidy Lewis returns to Plumstoke after three years when her mother passes away suddenly. She had fled the small town life to make her dreams come true of running her own floral shop in London. She not only left her hometown behind but the town sweetheart Allie Campbell. Cassidy is now married to Danielle, who is way too busy at work to accompany her home for her mother’s funeral. Cassidy isn’t only dealing with her mother’s loss but with the guilt that she didn’t come home enough to see her.

Allie Campbell never stopped loving Cassidy despite how heartbroken she was when Cassidy left town. Now that Cassidy is back, Allie is the person she turns to for comfort and Allie is determined to be the friend she needs to help her get through her loss, even to her own detriment. Can Cassidy’s marriage survive or will the love that her and Allie once shared be reignited?

Allie is simply the sweetest. She loved Cassidy’s mother and thought she would one day be her mother in law. Her sudden death shakes the entire town. The moment she sees Cassidy walk in to the local bar she knows that love is as strong for her as it always was and she will do anything for Cassidy. It’s completely easy to fall in love with Allie. Cassidy is a little harder. But as someone who couldn’t wait to get out of my small town when I was younger, I can understand her desire to escape small town life and make it in the big city. The way she did it left a hole not only in Allie’s heart but Cassidy’s as well. Making amends for the past can help open up possibilities for the future.

The supporting characters are there to listen to Allie and Cassidy as they experience the pain of loss and the confusion over their unresolved feelings. Helen and Ash are wonderfully supportive friends and Cassidy’s dad, while dealing with the loss of his wife, holds onto Cassidy and hopes to never have to let her go again. Danielle, Cassidy’s wife is just plain awful. She has no redeeming qualities and I wish very bad things for her. In some ways, I think Cassidy believes that she deserves someone as awful as Danielle because of how she left Allie. But no one should have to suffer time with Danielle. I have so many bad feelings about this woman!

Melissa Tereze brings us flashbacks that give us insight into Allie and Cassidy’s past relationship and how absolutely perfect they were for each other.  I enjoy flashbacks when they benefit a story and these fit perfectly. When I finish a book I want to feel like it was time well spent and I want to keep a little bit of the characters in my heart.  Allie and Cassidy made it into my heart maybe more than any of Melissa’s other characters. That is saying something because I have a lot of love for Vanessa and Emma from Mrs. Middleton and Dom and Blair from Playing for her Heart. But there is just something irresistible about second chance love, especially when one has to work hard to redeem themselves.

Melissa Tereze is one of those authors who can bring the steam but is equally adept at bringing the sweetness of love and the sorrow of loss. Always Allie will always be one of my favorite of her books and I highly recommend it.

ARC received from the author for an honest review.


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