Unbreakable by Cari Hunter

Published: 10/12/21

Sometimes when a book is super hyped, it doesn’t live up to that and can be a bit of a disappointment. That is not the case with Unbreakable. Cari Hunter deserves all of the hype and more. It’s one of the best and most exciting books of the year by far.

Dr. Grace Kendal has just completed a long day when she’s kidnapped at gun point, forced to help an injured woman. Elin Breckinridge never anticipated finding herself in this position, where she’s now kidnapping someone. But there are times when people do things they never thought they would be capable of doing. Detective Sergeant Safia Faris starts investigating a murder and finds herself untangling a mystery.

The story is told from three different perspectives, Grace, Elin and Safia. I loved this. It gave such great insight into what these women are feeling as events unfold. Safia and her work partner Suds have a great relationship. They tease each other but also have great respect for one another. Safia and her life partner Kami are super cute together.  We don’t see them together a lot but it’s obvious they have a beautiful, loving relationship. Grace is the kind of woman we should all strive to be. She is brave, compassionate and empathetic. Elin is all of these things as well but has found herself in the worst of scenarios.

Unbreakable grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go. It’s one of the absolute best books I’ve read this year and I couldn’t put it down.  Cari Hunter is a masterful writer of mystery and this is my new favorite of her books. I not only recommend it, I implore you to read it. You will absolutely not be disappointed!

ARC received from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley




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