Silent Night by Lily Seabrooke

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Published: 11/14/21

Silent Night by Lily Seabrooke is what I wish Hallmark movies were like. But they aren’t anywhere near as charming or inclusive. Lily Seabrooke has brought us a Christmas novella we should strive to read each year. I know I will make it a holiday tradition and will look forward to spending time with these wonderful characters like I do visiting family and friends I don’t get to see very often.

Music star Brooke Carston returns to her hometown on Mountain Crossing to spend the month of December with her large family. Brooke just wants some peace and quiet and to escape the pressures of her career for a while. She doesn’t count on running in to her childhood best friend, Nicole Livingston and having her life disrupted by an undeniable chemistry.

For Nicole it’s not easy being the only lesbian in her small town. She owns the local bakery and the moment Brooke comes back it feels like her world is just as it should be. She doesn’t want to fall for her because she’s going to leave. Just because Brooke is openly bisexual and the whole town wants them to get together it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be but it certainly feels like there’s a Christmas miracle happening.

Nicole and Brooke are wonderful characters. Both strong in their own rights but better together. Nicole has had a few girlfriends but they all leave and she knows getting attached to Brooke will only bring her heartbreak. Brooke has an auditory processing disorder and really loves the quiet that she finds in Mountain Crossing. She also feels like reconnecting with Nicole, her heart has truly come home as Nicole was always that person who she could just be herself with.

I’m a big Lily Seabrooke fan and this is another perfect example why. She writes with such heart and brings us characters that have such charm and humor. I love how the entire town is invested and meddles in Brooke and Nicole’s blossoming romance, how Nicole’s brother Daniel makes insightful comments with food analogies and how Brooke and Nicole really are each other’s missing piece. This is a delightful Christmas novella that I highly recommend.

ARC received from the author via Booksprout for an honest review.

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