Love, Accidentally by Jamie Clevenger & Aurora Rey

Love, Accidentally is a part of the Mile High City Romance series.  A collaboration between Jamie Clevenger and Aurora Rey. The main characters in this one, Finn and Amelia are featured in a much lesser capacity in A Convenient Arrangement, which is the story of Jess and Cody.

Amelia Stone is moving in with her girlfriend, Veronica, after only six weeks of dating. On move in day Veronica is in New York because it’s more important to network with Amelia’s mother than to help her girlfriend move. While driving the UHaul, Amelia is hit by a dump truck. Paramedic Finn Douglas arrives on the scene and gets Amelia and her cat out safely.

Finn finds Amelia adorable as she’s telling her how cute she is and how if she didn’t have Veronica she would totally date her.  Finn visits her in the hospital where she encounters Amelia’s Nana. Nana promptly invites Finn to dinner as a thank you for caring for her granddaughter and taking the cat to the vet. Nana is not on team Veronica but instantly like Finn and recognizes the mutual attraction between her daughter and the kind paramedic.

Amelia definitely should not be thinking about Finn but after she gives her a ride home from the hospital and shares dinner with her and her Nana, it’s impossible for her not to have thoughts. She begins to see how much different Finn is from Veronica. Where Veronica is pretentious and self absorbed, Finn is thoughtful and generous. She visits hospice patients on her off days and Nana decides she’s going to make pot brownies for the patients that Finn can deliver. It’s not just to be nice, it’s Nana’s way to keep Finn coming back so that Amelia will eventually realize who she should be dating.

I really love these two characters. Finn is pretty much perfect. She’s there for Amelia more than her girlfriend, even when they don’t know each other. She is weary of relationships because she was cheated on by her girlfriend, who she thought she would marry.  She may not be looking for a relationship but she wants Amelia, she just doesn’t want to be her rebound. Finn also adores Edith, Amelia’s Nana, almost as much as she adores Amelia and that alone does it for me. It doesn’t hurt that Finn is also a hot butch with a great bod and an absolute heart of gold. So, yeah, I’m in love with Finn!

When we first meet Amelia she has some issues she needs to address. Like why she’s moving in with a woman she hardly knows who is a lot like her self absorbed mother. Amelia’s mom is a former soap star turned roundtable women’s talk show host. She’s never been there for Amelia. Her Nana has been the constant source of love in her life. Nana is quick to point out that Amelia is rushing into moving in with Veronica but Amelia isn’t having any of it. Luckily, a dump truck, dumps her plans of a future that would have ended in heartbreak and is responsible for delivering a yummy paramedic to her rescue. It takes Amelia a while to get out of her own way but she gets there eventually.

I hope we get more collaborations from Aurora Rey and Jamie Clevenger. The characters were charming, Nana was an absolute rock star and made me think of my own Gram, who always thought I could do no wrong, even when presented with evidence to the contrary. This is a light-hearted read that I highly recommend. It will bring a smile to your face.

ARC received from Bella Books via NetGalley for an honest review



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