Sleepless Nights by Iona Kane

Sleepless Nights
Published: 8/31/21

Sleepless Nights is an impressive debut from writer Iona Kane. It’s a charming story of a closeted singer and an out and proud drummer navigating through their fears and feelings to find love.

Tyra MacLean had her first hit at fifteen but her career quickly nosedived after she came out. She spiraled out of control and only got herself straightened out when she was called upon to help raise her twin cousins Jamie and Mhairi. When the twins started a band Ty stepped in to be their drummer knowing she would soon retreat back to producing as she is wary of the limelight performing brings.

Alex Knight is preparing for her US tour and sees a clip on Dandylions performing. She decides immediately that she wants them to open for her. The meeting the members on Dandylions doesn’t go as planned when Tyra shows up drunk. The next day Ty shows up to apologize. She tells Alex that she only wants to do the tour for the twins. All the attention that will come with it is a huge turn off for her. She also reveals that she has issues with celebrities who stay in the closet to avoid damage to their careers. She came out before it was accepted and her career never recovered. Alex appreciates the honesty, although, not the commentary of her closet status, and Dandylions are signed as her opening act.

Tyra is invited by Alex to stay at her house for the week she comes to New York without the twins. The two have sizzling chemistry and during the week they have dinner together and get to know each other. Alex talks to Ty about her teenage daughter Dora, who she has a strained relationship and Ty tells Alex about her past struggles after her mom passed away and her career tanked. The week is blissful but after they decide that it can’t go any farther as they have a tour to work on together and Alex isn’t ready to come out. While on tour can Alex and Tyra keep their distance or will they give in to their desires and try to make a relationship work?

Alex and Tyra are charming characters. I became invested in their happiness. I wanted Alex to work things out with her daughter and realize that it was time for her to own her sexuality. I wanted Ty to have career vindication and find true love. The conflict was well conceived as the events that transpired understandably caused Alex to retreat into herself and take a step back from a relationship.

Iona Kane has given us a very well written celebrity romance. I look forward to what comes next from her.


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