Love and Other Disasters by Anita Kelly

Love and Other Disasters
Published: 1/18/22
Food Isn't the only thing cooking on this tv show.

Dahlia Woodson needs the $100,000 top prize awarded on Chef’s Special, the tv cooking show she has been selected for.  She’s put all of her hopes of this. After her recent divorce and quitting her job to be on the show, she’s a bit of a mess and wants nothing more than to win and be able to open her own bakery. Tripping during the first competition while carrying her fish tacos wasn’t in the plan, nor was falling for her competitor.

London Parker may have tried out for Chef’s Special on a dare from their twin, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do everything they can to win it. London wants to use the money to help lgbtq+ youth and prove their worthiness to themselves but mostly to their father, who refuses to accept their pronouns. London didn’t plan on Dahlia, with her clumsiness and mesmerizing mane of dark hair. The heat in the kitchen is nothing compared to the heat generated between these two.  Will they make it to the finals and can their relationship survive the competition?

This book is a delight.  Anita Kelly’s characters are just so lovable. Dahlia is a clumsy, adorable hot mess and London is sweet and sensitive. And I love a good cooking competition show. Guys Grocery Games is on in the background while I do things around the house, more than I care to admit. I was rooting for our main characters and rooting so hard against Lizzie, with her nonbinary discriminating ass.  What I like most about this book is how vulnerable these characters are with each other. The hardest thing to do is to completely open yourself up to someone, not just with your body, but to show them your soul. Dahlia and London allowed the other to see their deepest insecurities and the relationship was stronger for it.

Anita Kelly has given us a book filled with laughter, diversity, competition, difficult family dynamics and love. These characters will touch your heart.

ARC received from Forever via NetGalley for an honest review.

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