Sprinkled in the Stars by Violet Morley

Sprinkled in the Stars
Published: 6/1/2021

Violet Morley’s debut novel Sprinkled in the Stars is a sweet story of love and understanding. The main characters seem at first glance like they wouldn’t fit in each other’s lives but some times the stars align in the most unexpected ways.

AJ Beckett is a paramedic with a seven year old daughter, Parker,  who is on the autism spectrum. They live with AJ’s sister Kate, who helps AJ with Parker. AJ works extra shifts and is barely scrapping by financially.  Melanie Cooper is an actress who has decided her current movie will be her last. She is seen as being difficult but really has anxiety and is probably on the spectrum as well.

The two women literally run into each other when Mel is trying to get away from the paparazzi. Their collision causes Parker’s ice cream to fall on the ground causing her to freak out. Mel scurries off with barely an apology. Their next encounter is at a benefit where Mel stumbles upon Parker when they both go in search of a quiet place as they are both overwhelmed by the noise.

On the set of Mel’s last movie she has an accident and AJ is called in to help. She saves Melanie’s life and afterwards Mel wants to meet her to thank her. AJ hasn’t been impressed with Mel’s behavior in the past and isn’t very interested in spending any time in her presence. But Melanie persists and they slowly get to know each other.

Despite AJ’s earlier impressions, she is impressed with how well Mel interacts with Parker. Parker is comfortable with Melanie right away. AJ and Melanie’s attraction continues to grow and despite AJ’s concerns about their financial disparity, they begin dating. They have Mel’s crazy ex and the tabloids trying to cause problems in their budding relationship but they can’t help but hope that they find their happiness with each other.

I am very impressed with this debut from Violet Morley. It is refreshing to have a character with autism and Parker was fabulous.  Young in age but an old soul who really was the glue that tied the whole story together. I felt for AJ having to take care of Parker during the tough moments while her dad flew in and got to be the fun parent. Melanie and Parker’s relationship was touching as they found kindred spirits in each other. The chemistry between AJ and Melanie was clear and they fit well as a couple and as a family unit with Parker.  I recommend this book if you want a low angst, heartwarming story.

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