Girl Island by Kate Castle

Girl Island
Published: 12/21/21
Teenage Girls Can Be Savage

Ellery Holmes has received a scholarship to the prestigious Kings Academy. Before classes begin, she goes on a PE trip with other student athletes. Things don’t go as planned and she finds herself stranded on an island with her former best friend, Skye, Miss Ramsey and several of her new classmates. It isn’t long before the dangers they face come from within their ranks.

This book is touted as Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies. I came for the tagline, but I stayed for Ellery.  With Ellery, Castle created a memorable character who was the heart and soul of the story.  She is brave, intelligent and someone who sees people for who they are and isn’t concerned with impressing anyone by being someone she isn’t.  Dawkes is a wonderful character who is looked down upon by the mean girls. It is no wonder she gravitates to Ellery, who shows her kindness and treats her as an equal.

I don’t normally read YA books, however, I tore through this in just a few hours. It held my interest the entire time and had my heart racing at times. The book also shows how one’s true colors are revealed in times of tragedy. If you are looking for a book with nonstop action that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then Girl Island is one you should check out. I highly recommend it.

ARC received from the author for an honest review