Who I Believe by Jamey Moody

Who I Believe
Published: 5/18/22

Rebekah Mathews has returned home to try to get her and her daughter’s life back on track after the death of her husband. Her daughter, Anna, is struggling to cope after losing her dad. Rebekah signs her up for art therapy completely unaware that it will bring her face to face with a woman from her past, who still has ownership of her heart.

Megan Neal was 31 when she met and fell for 19-year-old Rebekah.  They only had one summer together but Megan always wondered what happened to the preacher’s daughter she loved more anyone before or after. When the two women see each other again, those old feelings come back to the surface. Rebekah must decide if she is going to take a second chance on love or live in fear of her family’s reaction.

I’m not a religious person. It’s just not my jam. I can, however, appreciate those who have faith and the fear that goes along with wanting to live your truth but also wanting to maintain one’s relationship with God and family who may take issue. So, it was easy to see how Rebekah’s youthful fears brought about an end to her summer relationship with Megan. What I appreciated is that both women realized how special their connection, even after twelve years apart and how rare it is to get a second chance at love. And that a love like that is worth it because it only comes along once.

Jamey Moody always writes relatable characters that you want the best for. I’m a sucker for a second chance love story and throw in an age gap and I’m all in. Rebekah’s daughter Anna is adorable and her bond with Megan and her adorable dog was lovely to see and helped her so much in being able to smile again after losing her father.

My only issue was that I wished that the two women would have courted each other a little more but that’s just me nitpicking because I know Jamey well and I know that she felt the two wasted enough time. And when you know who you are meant to be with, you don’t need fancy dinners out to confirm what you already know. This is a feel good second chance story about love, the love between two women, between a mother and daughter, and the love that comes from believing in a higher power. I think it’s Jamey’s finest work to date and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

An ARC was received from the author for an honest review.



Instead of Happy by Jamey Moody

Instead of Happy
Published: 3/4/22

There is so much wrong with the world right now. Books are an escape for most of us, a way to relax and shut off our very busy brains. One of the many things I appreciate about Jamey Moody is that she writes her books with this in mind. She doesn’t write books filled with a lot of angst and you always know that the characters will get their happily ever after. Sometimes, that’s exactly what’s needed when the world is filled with so much uncertainty.

This is the fourth book in Jamey’s Lovers Landing Series. The story begins with main characters Courtney and Jennifer moving in together after Courtney moved to Houston. The characters met and fell in love before the story at their mother’s resort. Jennifer has two sons, Preston, who is 11 going on 35 and Mason, age 9. When my partner and I got together, my two sons were 4 and 6, and she stepped right in and became their other mother. The relationship Courtney developed with Jennifer’s sons reminded me so much of those early days. This isn’t just a love story between Courtney and Jennifer, it’s also a love story between the two women and their sons.

Jennifer and Courtney are a solid couple. Despite their age difference, they fit into each other’s lives seamlessly. They don’t suffer from the misunderstandings that come from not communicating. Both of the women realize how lucky they are to have found that person that makes everything better and they do the work to make sure the nurture their relationship. The conflict in the book comes from another teacher and the way she treats Courtney. It only serves to bring Jennifer and Courtney closer.

Jamey Moody is one of the best writers of feel good lesbian romances. She creates characters that are relatable and likable. They make their way into your heart and you just want them to have their happily ever after. In a world where things are out of control and every day seems to bring a new level of uncertainty, escape with Jennifer and Courtney and give yourself a few hours to relax and embrace love.

And The Truth Is by Jamey Moody

And The Truth Is
Published: 10/25/21

And The Truth is by Jamey Moody is the third book in the Lovers Landing Series. It’s nearly impossible to be sad reading a Jamey Moody book. Her books allow you to truly escape for a while and just embrace love.

We have gotten to know Tara Holloway and Lauren Nichol’s in the first two books in the series. There has always been this pull between the two and I’m not surprised that we now getting their story. Tara is a successful actress disenchanted with the fakeness of Hollywood, who shows up to check out a house her friend Lauren thinks will be perfect for her. She wants to find a vacation home or maybe something more permanent so she is closer to her friends Krista, Melanie, Julia, her family but most of all Lauren. She’s also ready to settle down and have a loving relationship.

Lauren has been divorced from her high school sweetheart for several years. She has raised her two children and is now ready to explore her sexuality. She may be new to the lesbian party but that doesn’t mean she isn’t ready to jump into the pool. The two women confess their feelings for each other after Lauren finds her the perfect house. Lauren helps Tara decorate and the house truly becomes theirs.

The path to happily ever after isn’t usually too stressful in a Jamey Moody book. There is a bit of strife with Lauren’s grown children but is easily overcome when they see the happiness radiating from their mother. It’s lovely to see women over 50 as romantic leads. The characters are charming and I’m happy to finally see Lauren find happiness. The questions she posed to Krista in the two previous books were so clearly pointing to her being open to loving a woman and ready to take that leap. This was a very satisfying conclusion to the Lovers Landing Series. I look forward to Jamey Moody’s next book. I’m sure it will be a heartwarming book filled with friendship, love and laughter.

ARC provided by the author for an honest review.

No More Secrets by Jamey Moody

No More Secrets
Time Can't Stop True Love

Jamey Moody has written a heartfelt happily ever after that proves that true love doesn’t have an expiration date. Actress/Producer Krista Kyle runs a lesbian hideaway resort  with her best friend Julia Lansing. She is nursing a broken heart after her breakup from reporter Brooke Bell. Brooke reconnected with her first love and Krista was left shattered.

Upon learning of the breakup, Krista’s first love Melanie Zimmer shows up with her daughters, who were children when they first met at the resort. The girls now have children of their own and have remained in touch with Krista.

I like how the book goes back to the beginning and you experience the joy of them falling in love and find out how many obstacles got in the way to them making it work over the years. It can sometimes take longer than expected but your heart always returns to the one who makes it come to life.

An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.