Cast Away Her Fears by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Cast Away Her Fears
Published: 3/25/22
A second chance romance from the author of Blinded by Love, Love's Witness, and The Cam Thomas series.

Connie needs to get away, away from the memories of her failed relationship with Jenny. She needs to get over her but it’s hard to do when she’s still loves her so much. When she sees an ad for a glamping trip to a deserted island where she can be alone, she decides it’s the perfect place for a getaway. Only fate has a different plan for Connie and getting over Jenny isn’t part of the plan.

This was a fun read. I am pretty good at suspending reality and just going where the story takes me. That is a good quality to have for this book because you can only explain Connie and Jenny being stranded on an island together as fate. Connie is a better woman than I am. I was frustrated with Jenny before I ever met her, but Connie’s love is unwavering. Being on an island together forces Jenny to actually talk to Connie instead of her default, running away. She doesn’t handle confrontation or even difficult discussions well but when stranded on an island trying to survive, Jenny is forced to make some much needed changes.

This story is told from Connie’s perspective, which works in that it gives us insight into why her long for Jenny is so strong and why she’s willing to deal with so much. It’s also why I had issues with Jenny for quite a while in the story. Gradually, I began to understand Jenny and it made me want the two to get back together and get their happily ever after. Claire Highton-Stevenson has given us a fun story of the power of fate. This is a great read for a relaxing spring day. If only I were reading it while on an island.

An ARC was received from the author for an honest review.

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