Champagne Problems by Addison Clarke

Champagne Problems
Published: 3/10/22
A Moonflower Cove Romance

Emily Crawford is in her final year in the MBA program and is excited to take the Women and Sexualities in Literature with Professor Sophia Beachamp. She doesn’t expect the icy reception she receives from the professor, despite hearing that she was a bit on the bitchy side. Sophia doesn’t understand why a business major would take her class and take a spot away from an English student. It isn’t long before Sophia regrets her judgement, not only is Emily the best student in her class, she sparks feelings in Sophia that she hasn’t had for a very long time.

Sophia Beauchamp has been my favorite character since State of Grace, the first book in Addison Clarke’s Moonflower Cove series. Sophia’s fierce protectiveness of her friend Alexis endeared her to me immediately, not to mention the wicked sharp tongue and sexy French accent. I am so happy that Addison gave us Emily and Sophia’s story. Emily may be much younger than Sophia, but she has a maturity that comes from her less than stellar childhood. She has wonderful friends but until Sophia comes into her life, she doesn’t have that person who puts her first and protects her at all costs.

Sophia may have been in Moonflower Cove for a while, but she didn’t have a group of friends. She fled France for a fresh start and left her family and failed relationships behind her. Emily not only gives her a love unlike she has ever experienced, she gives her a set of friends who welcome her into their group and give her a family. Not to say that I loved Sophia all of the time. She had some moments where I wanted to shake her a bit because she kept things from Emily that were pretty significant. Since this is a backstory, we already know that Emily and Sophia overcome that speed bump in their relationship and are one of the most stable couples in this idyllic lesbian mecca.

I really like the way Addison Clarke writes. She obviously has a great deal of affection for these characters and it’s contagious. She has a wonderful way of making them relatable, lovable, yet still flawed and striving to better themselves. I want to visit Moonflower Cove and hang out with the many lesbian couples who make the town home. I want to listen to Sophia say French words to me and I want to meet Emily, make her my friend and give her a big hug. I encourage all of you to visit Moonflower Cove. You will want to go back again and again.

An ARC received from the author for an honest review.

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