Meeting Millie by Clare Ashton

Charlotte and Millie couldn’t be more different. It was apparent from their first meeting at Oxford. Millie, with her straight girl charm and curves for days and Charlotte, queer, lanky and well off. Despite their differences, an instant friendship formed that only grew stronger, until unrequited feelings got in the way.
Now ten years later, both women are back at Oxford and find themselves with a chance to rekindle the friendship they both have desperately missed. Ten years is a long time to go without talking but Charlotte and Millie’s connection is still there and maybe, there’s more to the feelings than just friendship.
When I read a book, I want it to move me, and I want to give in to all of the feels a good book evokes. There isn’t another author who brings those emotions to the surface more than Clare Ashton. Whether it’s the family drama of The Goodman’s, the sweetness of Poppy Jenkins or the sensitivity with which she handled anxiety in Finding Jessica Lambert, Ashton has an unrivaled ability to provoke feelings. Now I can happily add Meeting Millie to that list.
From the very first page when Charlotte and Millie met I was hooked. Even at first meeting, it felt like they were just meant to be a part of each other’s life. I have had a few people I met and immediately knew I would always need them in my life and wondered how I survived for so long without them. That’s how it is with Charlotte and Millie, in each other, they find the friend they have always needed.
Meeting Millie is a beautifully written book. Ashton conveys Millie’s longing for her friend in such a way that it just rips your heart out. And Millie, sweet, bold, wonderful Millie. The way losing her friend irrevocably changed her and the joy at having a chance to have Charlotte back in her life, I just love everything about Millie.
Another strength of a Clare Ashton book are brilliant supporting characters. If Olivia doesn’t get her own book next, I will lodge a complaint with Clare personally. Olivia attended school with Millie and Charlotte and has remained Charlotte’s friend. She was always put off by Millie’s brashness and flaunting of her sexual exploits. She is buttoned up and an ice queen, so naturally, I am a bit in love with her and want her to get a story where that ice melts. On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Virginia, the sweet, foulmouthed elderly woman Millie rents a room from. She is an absolute delight and I hope to have her wisdom, wrapped in profanity laced snark, when I’m older.
Meeting Millie far exceeded by ridiculously high expectations. I have already read it twice and I’m sure I will reread it many more times. It is right up there with The Goodman’s as my favorite from Clare Ashton. Read it when you have the chance, and you will fall in love with Millie and Charlotte. It’s impossible not to.

An ARC was received from the author for an honest review.

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