One Step at a Time by Lily Seabrooke

One Step at a Time
Published: 2/7/22

Remington Bennett comes to Port Andrea to be an apprentice at a bakery for the summer in hopes of getting a permanent position. She is bisexual but is determined not to fall for a woman. That plan is tested as soon as she arrives in town and saves Dana Gallagher from falling at the train station. The next day Remi arrives for her first day of work and discovers the beautiful woman from the train station is her mentor. The more time the two spend together, the stronger their connection becomes, and Remi has to decide if she will stick to her plan or follow her heart.

Lily Seabrooke’s books make me happy. And what do we need more right now than something that brings a little happiness. Her characters are so likable you can’t help but want the very best for them. Dana is devoted to her career and isn’t looking to meet someone, which of course, is when the perfect person comes along. Where Dana is innovative as a chef, Remi is technical, where Dana is more serious, Remi is playful. They balance each other out and that makes the best partnership, in love and in the kitchen. Their path to happiness isn’t without complications to overcome, most of which comes from Remi’s fear of her family and their control over her life.

While I love Remi and Dana, my favorite thing about this book is I get more Avery Lindt from my favorite of Lily’s books, Fake It. Avery is not only one of my book crushes, she is Remi’s good friend and also her lesbian fairy god mother, doling out sage advice that she hopes will lead Remi to follow her heart straight to Dana. Avery is still loved up with her “hot celebrity girlfriend” Holly and wants her friend to find the same happiness. There are many memorable lines in this book but one of my favorites is Avery talking to Remi, “You like her, she likes you. Why not? We humans overcomplicate everything we do. The key to being happier is usually to do less, to stop questioning.” I think we could all stand to heed Avery’s advice. She is a wise woman with a hot celebrity girlfriend. 😉

Lily Seabrooke writes from her heart and it shows on every page. That is one of the things I love most about her writing, along with her ability to write witty banter.  A sense of humor is a vital way to deal with lifes ups and downs and it has gotten me through some very difficult times. Lily is so skilled at writing characters who deal with serious issues with humor.  The supporting cast also bring a lot of humor and heart into the story. Along with Avery, Dana’s sister, Serefina and Monica and Emmanuel from the bakery, you will have plenty of reasons to smile while reading this book.
I adore Lily Seabrooke and I adore this book. I highly recommend escaping life for a few hours by reading One Step at a Time.

An ARC was provided by the author via Booksprout for an honest review.



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