Hotshot by Clare Lydon

Published: 4/13/23

American soccer star Sloane Patterson flees her cheating gf and heads to England to spend a year playing for the Salchester Rovers. Ella Carmichael is also new to the team, after being hired as the performance and lifestyle coach. Sloane has been Ella’s crush for years and she’s pleasantly surprised when Sloane turns out to be not at all what she expects.
I adore this book! It’s so effortlessly charming and these characters are so well suited and wonderful together. Clare Lydon gives us a book that is the perfect match of romance and football. Sloane is an unassuming superstar who just wants to find her place, with the team and in her life. Her family is less than supportive and her relationship with her fiancee recently imploded. Ella’s friendship comes along at the perfect time and their relationship progresses beautifully. I was invested immediately and fell in love with both Sloane and Ella. It’s my new favorite Clare Lydon book and I couldn’t recommend it more!

An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review.

It Started With A Kiss by Clare Lydon

It Started With A Kiss
Published: 6/10/22
Can one kiss change your life forever?

Skye has never told a stranger at a bar she was beautiful and kissed her. But it’s not every day you find out your cheating ex-wife is getting married, and your boss expects you to plan her wedding. Skye finds herself drowning her sorrows and chatting up a beautiful woman, so why not just plant one on those luscious lips.

Gemma doesn’t go around kissing strangers. She doesn’t act without thinking. But she’s away from home, Skye is gorgeous and for once, Gemma wants to do something unexpected. And why shouldn’t she step out of her comfort zone just this once.  They will never see each other again.

Both women return to their lives but that kiss lingers is the back of their minds. Fate brings them back into each others orbit and soon Skye finds herself taking a job at the winery Gemma owns with her sister. They agree nothing will happen. It was a one off and they are keeping it professional.

This book is now my favorite from Clare Lydon. I was immediately drawn into the story and knew I needed to experience these two women finding their happily ever after.  Gemma and Skye have instant physical chemistry but their emotional connection is just as strong once they start getting to know each other. Both women have a lot of scars and the journey to allowing someone to help heal their dented hearts is well worth it.

Clare Lydon is an exceptional author. She writes such witty dialogue and really connects beautifully with her characters. She made it very easy for me to fall for Gemma and Skye.  They are flawed and both imperfect but are perfect for each other.  Sit back, grab a glass and marvel at the talent that is Clare Lydon. This book is like a fine wine that I know I will be appreciating years from now.

An ARC was received from the author for an honest review.