Thundering Pines by Rita Potter

Thundering Pines
Published: 3/15/22

Brianna Goodwin and Dani Thornton find themselves running a campground together after Brianna’s estranged father leaves it to her in his will. On the surface the two women are polar opposites, the high powered attorney and the small town campground worker but appearances aren’t always what they seem.

Rita Potter did a great job of developing these characters and making them appealing and at times, frustrating. Brianna and Dani are both broken characters who have let the past affect their present and they have to change a lot about their way of thinking to be able to not let it destroy their future. Brianna has surrounded herself with people so devoid of depth and character meeting someone like Dani throws her for a loop. Dani is kind, honest and doesn’t put on airs, she is just authentically herself. She is a breath of fresh air for Brianna and someone she can talk to. The two women share their stories with each other in a way they haven’t with anyone else.

Brianna and Dani are wonderful characters. I want them to figure out their shit and allow themselves to put the past behind them and find happiness. I also, at times, want to shake them both. There was a lot of indecisiveness from both of them as to what the nature of their relationship should be. The connection they develop becomes a friendship unlike they have ever had with anyone and feelings develop that scare them both. Brianna is in a long term relationship with Caroline, who is pretentious and overly concerned with appearances. Being back in Flower Hills, surrounded by genuine people like Molly, Brianna’s childhood friend, Dani and her Aunt Helen, she begins to see how superficial her life has become.

This is a very well written book. It dragged a bit in the middle of the story and I think it could have been a bit shorter. That’s really the only complaint I have about. Rita Potter does a wonderful job of developing her characters and I look forward to reading more of her books. I encourage you to do the same.