Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Count Your Lucky Stars
Published: 2/1/22

Count Your Lucky Stars is the third book in Alexandria Bellefleur’s Written in the Stars series. The book releases on February 1st, 2022.  I absolutely loved Written in the Stars and was thrilled to see Margot get her own story. This is a very satisfying read for fans of the series.

Margot Cooper finds herself the proverbial fifth wheel in her friend group. Her best friend Elle is happily coupled with Darcy and Brendon, Darcy’s brother is engaged to Annie. She feels like they are all attending a party that she isn’t invited to. It’s not like she would hate a relationship, it’s just not in the stars for her. She’s better with casual, feelings are highly overrated. As if the universe is conspiring against her even more, Brendon’s wedding planner turns out to be Olivia Grant. The Olivia Grant who was once her best friend and who she spent the best week of her life sexing up all over Olivia’s childhood home.

Her friends are oblivious as to her past with Olivia and think they’re just old friends. So, when Olivia gets a call from her neighbor telling her she has to get out of her apartment due to flooding, they don’t understand why Margot doesn’t quickly offer up her place. She has a spare bedroom and Olivia’s an old friend, right?  Margot feels the pressure and caves and the next thing she knows Olivia is moving in with her stuff and her cat, aptly named Cat. It doesn’t take long for that old spark to return. But the past isn’t easy for either of them to forgot. Will they be able to overcome their history to join the rest of the group in happy coupledom?

Since Written in the Stars I have been in love with Margot. Ok, truth alert, I skipped the second book because even though I love Brendon and Annie straight romances aren’t my jam. Margot is the perfect balance of sarcasm and goodness. I may go so far as to say she reminds me of myself. Her week with Olivia was perfect until she choose to give Olivia an out and didn’t express to her the depth of her feelings. That led to Olivia thinking it meant nothing to Margot and was just a week of fun. She then got back with her high school boyfriend, attended a different school than her and Margot were going to attend together and married said boyfriend.

It’s easy to see how high school students would have communication issues. Olivia spent ten years in a marriage that never satisfied her because it’s what she thought she was expected to do. Olivia is a people pleaser, even though her father pointed out how unhappy she seemed, she stayed in a marriage that didn’t fulfill her. When she finally found the courage to leave she focused on making her career a success.  Margot and Olivia always belonged together but didn’t have the courage to make themselves vulnerable. Years went by with neither finding the happiness they had experienced with each other.

I genuinely adore this book. These characters are fantastic. Olivia is the perfect ray of sunshine to go with Margot’s snark and Darcy, Elle, Brendon and Annie are like old friends you haven’t seen for a while but can jump right back in and feel comfortable with again. This book has humor. A cat attacks a vibrator. That right there should sell you on it. But it’s also mighty hot!  Like blushing if you’re reading it in public hot!  Alexandria Bellefleur has written another wonderful book. If you loved Written in the Stars, you won’t want to miss this one!

ARC received from Avon via NetGalley for an honest review.